Business Meetings

Business trips to Armenia

Business meetings tailored to your needs


Quick glance at the Armenian culture

Organization of professional meetings and/or roundtables

  • Agriculture & food processing industries
  • Science & Technology
  • Information Technologies
  • Distribution
  • Architecture  etc.

A glance at Armenian culture (1-2 days)

  •  Painting: visits to museums and current exhibitions
  • Architecture: monuments characteristics
  • Music: current concerts (opera)
  • Religion: (Etchmiadzin or Geghard Monastery carved into the rock)
  • Cuisine: typical restaurants

Example of professional meeting

Example of theme meeting and round table "Science to Business" (S2B):

"Technology transfer in the fields of agriculture and food"

  • Objective. Search for innovative solutions to the problems of agriculture and food processing industries in Armenia.
  • Participants. French side: professional, associations and agricultural enterprises, research centers and training institutes.Armenian side: professional associations and companies, R & D Centers, …
  • Meetings should be as targeted as possible and lead to projects and concrete actions. Everyone must find an interest and come back with 1 or 2 projects or contracts: transfers of know-how, help to organization (help for organizing a company or activity) , sales of equipment and/or products, …
  • The organization will be flexible: French participants may participate either by sending a representative or by presenting written documents and/or video and power point presentations that will be cyclically represented in a special room.
  • The practical aspect of organizing trips and conferences: see brochure of APRICOT Group.

Organization of stay and meetings

a) Departure from CDG (Charles de Gaulle Airport ?) on Wednesday

b) Meetings during two days: Thursday and Friday

Day 1: Overview; global issues

2 or3 round tables on specific topics (e.g.seeds, fertilizers, farming,  chicken farming, fish farming, …

or matters concerning the organization and management of cooperatives….

Day 2: "one-to-one" meetings among professionals,  site visits,…

Day 3: continuation of meetings and site visits or cultural events

c) Return to Paris: Sunday or Monday.