APRICOT Group SARL has established partnership with the specialists in various areas both in Europe and Armenia for bridging the interested parties in these countries. Our company is carrying out the coordinating activities between the various organizations/individuals in Armenia and France for implementing the joint projects, sector based studies, business ... Read More >>>

The mission of APRICOT Group is to be "Your Bridge to ARMENIA" as the local representative for European companies and initiators. We are providing services within 4 tracks:                          1. Sondage or market research - looking into the opportunities. 2. Pre-representative - opening the operation. 3. Ad hoc representative ... Read More >>>

We specialize in Business networking arrangement with Armenia. We have also an expertise in events arrangement. We are ready to provide the services for the groups regardless of their size.                                                                 Business networking services                      Reception on arrival and departure assistance Business meetings                       ... Read More >>>

For those in Armenia who wish to learn the best practice, to extend their business contacts, and gain advice on specific issues, we offer targeted business and study programs.                                                                    Relations with professionals                    Corporate visits designed in close cooperation with the European partners and local experts. We design the programs using our wide network ... Read More >>>

We provide services to foreign companies and expatriates for their settlement in Armenia. Reception & Settlement services on - site              Airport - hotel - airport transfers,              Accommodation: assistance on - site,  Assistance in getting formalities connected with company establishment, banking / opening accounts, insurances etc.                                 Provide personal interpretation ... Read More >>>

Nature                                                                             In this small land are growing more than 3200 varieties of vegetation of which 120 grow only in the territory of Armenia. Even many varieties have Armenian names. will be traveling in one of the most diversified ecosystems in the world. You will experience a remarkable range of flora and ... Read More >>>