About us

“APRICOT Group LLC” is a business bridge between Europe and Armenia. It has established partnership both in Europe and Armenia for bridging the interested parties in these countries.

APRICOT Group LLC has multiple activities:

  1. Transfer of Technologies and sectoral studies (agriculture and food-processing, industry, high technologies, IT, etc.
  2. Feasibility studies (exports, investments, outsourcing)
  3. Services of pre-representative office in Armenia for European companies before establishment of own representative office.
  4. Business networking arrangement, organization of business events and special seminars in Armenia, logistical support, (visits to companies and suppliers, market prospecting).
  5. Relations with professionals in Europefor those in Armenia who wish to learn the best practice, to extend their business contacts, and gain advice on specific issues (targeted business and study programs).
  6. Services to foreign companies and expatriates for their settlement in Armenia.
  7. Organization of Armenia discovery programs (culture, architecture, nature, history, religion  etc.).

Also, the objective of APRICOT Group is to raise awareness among professionals, company executives, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, economic organizations, research institutes, news agencies ,… about the potentials and great opportunities of Armenia's economy.

To work in or with Armenia have many advantages: liberal economic regime, high standards at professional, technical and scientific levels, low wages, and pleasant environment of work… Moreover, Armenia is an open and recommended gate for access to the markets of Russia and CIS countries. Armenian companies have already gained ground in the region and established reliable connections.



General Director

Before creating APRICOT Group with its partners has wide experience in economic affairs & economic policy development: Visiting Professor at the University of Sorbonne, Associate Professor at Angers University (France), various missions at the French University (UFAR) in Armenia and the Administration School of the Republic of Armenia;  he served in Lebanon as Deputy Director in the Economics Department of the Central Bank and an Professor of economics at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, member of the Boards of the University and the Faculty; he built the business relationships as President of Groupement Interprofessionnel International Arménien (G2iA) – France, have coordinated the programs of CEMA training centre in Armenia; have issued many articles on economic issues in French journals; consultant and manager of a GAB web-site (www.gab-ibn.com) dedicated to the Armenian economy.



Director of Business Development

Before creating APRICOT Group with its partners,has about 27years experience in building business relationships on senior positions in the following organisations: Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Armenia, Groupement Interprofessionnel International Arménien (G2iA) – France, Centre d’Etudes de Management en Arménie (CEMA) – France, the Council of one of the districts of Yerevan, Armenia.


Company managers & partners are from France and Armenia and have a 22 years

experience on European and Armenian markets.

At the disposal of our clients we are place not only our knowledge and experience, but we help them to organize in reasonable way all activities connected with their presence in Armenia and Europe. And what often is more important – we give to our clients a good advice in every life situation in Armenia and Europe.