Pre-representative Services

The mission of APRICOT Group is to be "Your Bridge to ARMENIA" as the local representative for European companies and initiators.

We are providing services within 4 tracks:                         

1. Sondage or market research – looking into the opportunities.

2. Pre-representative – opening the operation.

3. Ad hoc representative – overseeing through change, improvement, etc.

4. Assistance in recruiting of the staff of future representative/executive office.

In short, our concept is our service to European companies wanting before establishment of own representative/executive office in Armenia to have a local representative, agent, quality controller, fixer, etc., which can carry out preparatory works including the sondage/market research.

At the same time, the European companies after launching the own representative/executive office in Armenia can also obtain our services in recruiting of the staff and overseeing some operations of their office in Yerevan.

Obviously, our concept will allow European companies to save the money while entering the new market and, at the same time, do it much more effectively because from the very beginning they will deal with the experts that know the local market.

For your information, the estimate of monthly expenditures of running the representative/ executive office in Yerevan, ARMENIA: circa 4,000 euros.

Promising sectors in Armenia

IT, Agriculture & Food processing, Touristic infrastructure, Retail trade, Hi-tech production in fine chemistry, biotechnology, new materials, natural stones processing, etc.

General informationon investments in Armenia

•  Armenia is a member of WTO (from 2002)

•  Armenia has Bilateral Treaties on Investment Promotion and Protection with France, Germany, USA, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Israel,Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, etc.

•  Armenia has double taxation treaties with France,Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

•  Armenia has Free Trade Regimes with Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine. And Most-Favored-Nation Trade Regimes with Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, EU, Iran, India, Hungary, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Syria, Switzerland, Vietnam and USA.

•  Armenia has a liberal foreign trade regime with a simple two-band import tariff (at 0% and 10%), no taxes on exports, and no quantitative trade restrictions. Import, export, and domestic production licenses are required only for health, security, and environmental reasons. There are no limits on hard currency imports.

•  Armenia was included in a list of countries with a high degree of economic freedom (ranking of Wall Street Journal & Heritage Foundation) in 2011 occupying 36th place. (France on 64th place)

•  Armenia placed 48th in Doing Business 2012 ranking prepared by World Bank. (France on 29th place).